Welcome to the Riverside County Probation Department Website


Mission Statement
Serving Courts - Protecting Our Community - Changing Lives

Provide the citizens of Riverside County with quality public safety services and an environment that is conducive to a safe, healthy and productive lifestyle.

Core Organizational Values

  • Integrity: An adherence to a code of moral values which includes honesty, incorruptibility and the quality of being undivided.
  • Accountability: Careful, thoughtful, explainable actions.
  • Honesty: Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct, sincerity and adherence to the facts.
  • Commitment: Deliberate action and a sense of obligation to employees, the courts, the county, and the public.
  • Compassion: A sense of sympathetic consciousness when performing our duties.
  • Image: Positive portrayal of the department, the employees, and our role in the community.
  • Creativity: The ability to bring into existence new ideas, programs, and opportunities to meet new challenges.
  • Excellence: The quality of being eminently good at our duties and with our responsibilities and constantly strive to improve.
  • Respect: Treating employees, probationers and the public with consideration, civility, and thoughtfulness and recognizing their intrinsic importance to the department and the community.
  • Ethics: The discipline to deal with what is good and bad with a moral duty and honesty.

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